Indefatigable Lodge No 237

Masonic Province of South Wales

The Indefatigable Lodge started life on the 20th September 1777, in the town of Neath, when a warrant was granted to the Knoll Lodge No. 506 which met at the Angel Inn. By 1784 its name changed to the Gnoll Lodge. However, by the end of the 18th century the Lodge was going through a difficult period.

At the same time a group of Masons in Swansea were desirous of forming a new Lodge, however due to “The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799” it was illegal to form a new Lodge, however the transfer of an existing warrant was allowed, this took place in September 1800, and the Lodge was renamed Indefatigable, and met at “The Plume of Feathers Inn”. The Lodge met at many different locations, and its number also changed several times, from its formation in 1777, until 1871 when the first Masonic Hall was opened in Caer Street, by which time the Lodge number was fixed as 237.

With the growth of Freemasonry in the early part of the 20th century, it became obvious that a new Masonic home was required, there were now six Lodges meeting in Swansea; and in 1922, 152 St Helen’s Road was purchased, and the first regular meeting took place under the Indefatigable Lodge Banner on the 11th October 1926.

Today there are 24 Masonic Lodges meeting at St Helen’s Road, along with many other Masonic Orders.

Of all the Lodges meeting in Wales, Indefatigable No. 237 has the longest history of continuous working.

More detailed historical accounts can be found in the following books:

“History of the Indefatigable Lodge No. 237” by W. Bro. William Henry Jones, (covering the period 1769 to 1923).

“Indefatigable Lodge No. 237 Swansea” – Bi-Centenary Brochure by W. Bro. George Challenger, (covering the period 1777 to 1977)

“The Reason Why” – A History of the Masonic Province of South Wales, published in January 2012, provides a comprehensive history of all the Lodges and Personalities, from the 18th century to the present day.